$10 Yard Witches!

 This is the body of the yard witch.
It is a 54" tomato cage with a "breast plate" attached. It is covered in a black trash bag and then plastic table cover.  I anchored them to the grounds with metal light stakes-

For the head I used an EIGHT inch diameter lighted plastic crystal sphere.
I did not add arms as these are for a one night only display.  I just joined the ends of the table cover to make the three witches form a circle.

I found the "breastplate  from light bulb packaging but flat cardboard and Styrofoam worked well too.

This is how it looks with a milk jug head and witch hat -- just so you get the idea

Hat $1, Tomato cage $5, trash bag $0.10 and table cover $1.  I had the large light cover already-- but a gallon milk jug works almost as well and lighting is optional.

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