A home made step and repeat Banner


I made this banner for church as my sister insisted we have it for the Graduation Gala we have after high school graduations.

For the back ground I chose fabric.  This was just the white polyester Walmart sells in 54" width.

I chose acrylic craft paint and used a brand name ( I have had peeling issue with the off brands).

I cut all of my stencils with a Silhouette craft cutter.  If  you plan to try this make sure your logo and words are large at least 10X12",  12X17" is optimal.

Also try to make a bridge to keep the centers of all open letters or voids in your patterns attached to the main stencil.  I misses one "a" here and filled in with masking tape.

You will need: Acrylic Paints
              stencils- the bigger the better
              re-position-able spray adhesive
              masking tape
              background material
              drop cloth to protect you work surface
                  I used a plastic tablecloth
              sponge and brush type stencil paint brushes
  1. First plan the  layout of  the  image you plan to use.   This can be as simple as drawing circle and line on a sheet of paper to represent images and text.
  2. Decide how you are going to hang you back drop-  will you need a stand? or hang it on the wall?  Will it hang vertically or horizontally?
  3. Then purchase the desired length of fabric-- join widths together as necessary with fabric tape and iron in place-- or use fabric duct tape in the same color as the background--use the tape on just one face of the project.  Note-  you can always paint two or three matching backdrops and just hang them together.
  4. Lay the drop cloth material out on a large flat surface- this can be the ground in a parking lot-- here I used a dining table for comfort while painting,  A queen mattress on a high bed frame  is also a good choice.
  5. Lay the background material atop the drop cloth.
  6. Start painting at the bottom and center of the backdrop- (This sounds wrong but if you mess up you can stand in front of the first patterns. They will get better as you practice)
  7. Spray adhesive on the back of the stencil you plan to use.
  8. Place your first stencil and use masking tape where necessary to hold it down.
  9. Use your sponge or stencil brush to fill in the design with paint.  A Styrofoam plate is the best for pouring your paint and blotting the brush or sponge. Check the stencil and adjust it with masking tape as necessary
  10. Measure the distance to the next pattern and mark it.  Mark off the placements and put some type of marker- like a sticky note- on the spots.
  11.  Take a look to see if you are happy with the layout-  adjust it as necessary and remeasure.  Remove the place holders- mark the spots and and finish painting all the icons/ images.
  12. Let the creation dry at least 14 hours.
  13. Now try to heat set the fabric.  I was able to using aluminum foil and an iron to accomplish this.
  14. Setup an hang your creation.

Mine hung on the wall held in place with clear pushpins.


This was first attempt of a step ans repeat banner.  It looked kind of bare then I added the doves and I am very pleased with the results.

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