My Approach

I am Thankful.  I am thankful for all good things.

I save/collect color paper, card board tubes and some plastic, styrofoam and natural objects to use for paper crafts.

My Story

I love paper crafting.

It is like the paper speaks to me; akin to what stone says to the sculptor. It begs to be made into something- not just used, but appreciated and admired if only for a few minutes.

It all started with a roll of Kraft paper...

These are kraft paper corn stalks.
From kraft paper (6' tall and bold)
  1. Procure a roll of brown Kraft paper. The roll should be 24" tall, available at Office Depot The label says 40LB Kraft Roll 24 in. x 900 feet (274.3 m). 47002-OD

    Amazon kraftpaper roll

  2. Unroll at least a six foot length of paper.
  3. Curl the sheet into a roll about one and a half to two inches in outer diameter with an inside diameter of at least one inch (two finger widths).
    • Make at least 11 turns. You can use up to 20 turns-- any more and you cannot complete cuts.
  4. Make three eight inch cuts down from the top evenly spaced around the sleeve.
  5. Use the roll and pull technique with that. The result will look fantastic and be six foot tall.
  6. Secure the bottom with glue. (Rubber bands should also work.)
  7. Twist the paper a bit, then pull the sleeve out from the top.
  8. Image titled Fakestalk
    Spray paint as desired with deep fall colors.
  9. Make 30 or so and bind them at the top and flare at the bottom to make tepee shaped corn stands as a fall church decoration.
  10. These were the first I made--now I cut the ends of the leaves into points and I usually spray them with green and gold paint- They look great and are easy to roll back up and use again.

About Marilynn

I am a gifter.  I like creating small gifts. This is all about me and the momentary joy of giving- it really has very little to do with the recipient-- This is just my thing.  I also love working on large decorations and installation projects, but there are never enough resources for those so I improvise with paper crafting.