coffee filter rosebuds


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This is a tutorial about how to make coffee filter rosebuds. My group made hundreds to make round and heart shaped wreaths  for the Long Bay Symphony Heartstrings Tea Event in February 2017.

I developed this method because regular CFF were too big, and cutting and layering individual petals was to time consuming.

I like making things and working with paper so this became a labor of love,  I had lots of help and there were four of us merrily crafting away.

An upcoming post will display me making other types of small flowers with this same method.

You will need one dyed and dried coffee filter for each rose bud.

Fold the the filter into an eight fold.  That is half then half of that and half of that three folds.


Fold the newly pointed end up to the very edge of the filter. Match  the edges on the thick single folded side.  This does not need to be precise.


The point is now the center of the flower.   Fold the folded flower in half at the point.

Now cut out a half petal shape thru all the layers.  Unfold the petals.  If you folded along the thick side the layers will be stacked - if I not you will have to stack them.

Staple the four layers together at the center.

Pull up on the two opposing petals of the top layer and roll them around each other to form the center bud. Use the remaining two petals to wrap around the center- if you pinch them together at the bottom they will  form the petal edges out and down.  Some of this depends on how deep the petals are attached in the center.


Continue lifting and forming the opposing petals until an approximation of the rose bud is formed.  Experiment with the width and size of the petals until you have what you want and copy it or make them all random.  When massed together the rosebud effect is striking.


Check these out also.

It is basically this construction but with a single coffee filter.  Fold it right and get the four layers at once.  then staple and assemble.  We glued ours into forms I cut from foam core sheets from I bought at a Dollar Tree Store.

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