Retro Disco Centerpiece

This is a take off on the Fizz centerpiece.


The players are disco cutouts I got from the web and made with my Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter  The focal is a foil multi-color fountain, and it is topped off with a papered mirror ball.  This all sits atop a trumpet vase with with colored water- a la lava lamp look.

The assembly is the same as the Fizz centerpiece

I made earlier and I used the same foam core bases for the toppers.

The Disco mirror ball is a large pink Christmas Ornament covered with 1/2" squares cut from a piece of holographic premium scrapbook paper.


I also started a disco ball with cut CD's and another shiny paper cut into fringes.  But the Recollections paper from Michael's was the easiest to use.  The back side is shown here-along with an assortment of others I tried.

I will have more on the ball assembly in an upcoming post.

I made the cutouts of the disco dancers on my Silhouette Craft Cutter and used free images from a Google search for the templates. The finished size was 13".  I used black  11 x 14" poster board sheets from the Dollar Tree.

I added the finger hands to some with an extra sheet of paper making them 14-16".   The assembly looked bare and I searched for a gold or silver foil fountain.  I finally found a fit at Hobby Lobby.  The price was the best around and this size-just under a foot fit well.  I had to settle for the Mardi-Gras multi-color foil fountain.

The arrangement still looked bare.  I wanted to fill the glass with nebula, but my sister nixed that idea-- she thought it looked nasty-not interesting. 

I thought the centerpiece was uninspired and blah!

Then I figured out how to add the ball.  ?? Alene's Tack it Over and Over  "TIOAO" was the solution.  I had glued the paper squares to the 4" ornament with tacky glue and a few blobs of the TIOAO fixed it to the top of the fountain.  It was good enough after thirty minutes and did not wobble or fall during the event.

I made four mirrored "disco balls" They did not move but they did catch and reflect the light.


At the bottom are four  standard size digital vinyl CD's' glued in a square
At the bottom are four standard size digital vinyl CD's' glued in a square
Can you dig it?!!
Can you dig it?!!

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