Dynomite! 4th of July

This is a Fun Fun New Patriotic. Craft.  Paper Dynomite for the 4th of July or any patriotic holiday.

I saw the inspiration on Pinterest, but the items were to buy not make.  This is how I made my versions.

I used a Silhouette  but could not upload the cutting files.  (not allowed )  The links are to my .pdf files  which you should be able copy and past to Silhoutte to make your own cutting files

stars   cutting template

numbers  cutting templete











Cardboard tubes
Wrapping paper
Scrapbook papers
Letter /number cutouts -holiday embellishments I used heavy glitter papers

Silver cupcake liners with white inside
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Holiday festooning, mylar sprays,
holiday garland and /or stiff floral wire 18 gage or better.
Decorative stars 3” (1) and 2” (3-4)
Large board circle 3” and 1- 1/2 to 2”
Optional- small piece of foam or cork

  1. Decorate the paper

    Write or stamp Celebrate—“Happy 4th” — something like that

    -To use the Preamble to the Constitution- find and internet copy.  I reverse printed it on plastic report cover and pressed the ink into the wrapping paper.

  2. Cover the tube with the paper – I used tacky glue

  3. Make one large and three medium paper rosettes four small for “1776”

  4. Cupcake liners were the easiest to use- Twist the center and flatten to desired diameter

  5. Assemble the star - rosette - letter/number

    Hot glue this for a secure hold

  6. Attach to tube “front” with hot glue -Add flags or ribbons

  7. Glue base to tube or tube to base using hot glue - hold in place till firm

  8. Assemble the fire burst or streamers use a stiff piece of wire garland and glue the wire stays of the festooning to one end. Clear about 1/2” of the other end of the garland to stick into the lid.

  9. Use a skewer to put hole in top and assemble the top,

    Secure the wire with hot glue and a small piece of cork or foam if needed for stability.

  10. Glue top to dynamite with hot glue.

    Add additional embellishments as desired.

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