Easter is my favorite DAY

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Yes, Easter is my favorite DAY not just my favorite holiday.  It represents  the hallmark of my beliefs.  I  grew up when churches shared Easter Sunrise Service, mostly my mom did not wake us up for that  But she attended so she could make preparations for the day.  By the time she got home the ham was ready to come out of the oven and the macaroni was going in.  The Easter Baskets for my twin sister and me were set out and we marveled at them while we got ready for church. ( We had to wait till after church to eat  the bunny)  The dyed eggs were served as deviled eggs and we enjoyed bacon, eggs and biscuits with jam and molasses. Some times a few slices of ham would make it's way the breakfast table.

My parents friends always thought of us and gave us new clothes and often candy,  I am very grateful.

My older brother and sister helped us get ready and we all took photos atop the coverlet spread car.  I remember a cover-- but there's a photo we are without it.

I am celebrating this year by gifting small treats to 42  of my co-workers-- the women may get this bunny gift topper and the men a carrot box.  I will make a dozen kids Easter baskets and  I will decorate a parking field with  paper flowers for the church Easter Egg Hunt and I also plan to make giant paper flowers for the Easter program.

All to celebrate the  RESURRECTION and the LIFE.

I just made this Bunny topper from some dark green dyed coffee filters and a scrap piece of foam core.

My inspiration was this pin from Etsy.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/timelesshomedecor?ref=hdr_shop_menu

  1. A bunny embellished candy container topper.

2. I used four filters and cut them into a leaf shape and cut the foam core to a round that fit into my cut off water bottle.

3. This is the bottle I cut off.  I used the coffee filter scraps as Easter grass inside the bottle.

4.  I stacked and stapled the four filters and glued them to the foam core.

5.  Then used a greening pin to attach a small piece of Styrofoam to the "cabbage center"

6. I decided I wanted the leaf more 'cabbagy' so I cut basically a snowflake like leaf in the filters.  I decided not to cut these leaves apart.

7. The stapling..

8. And the foam center to support the bunny!  I had uses a medium small about 1" Styrofoam  egg on one but it rocked even after gluing-- back to the scraps.

9. I found several bunny applique stickers and Styrofoam bunnies that were the right size- about 2".

10. I glued some leaves in place to camouflage the Styrofoam.

10. I used toothpicks to  attach the bunny sticker and some tiny glittered eggs from DOllar Tree to the foam center-- and I had the perfect bunny topper for my candy gifts, 

  • I used a cut off Deer Park water bottle,
  • scissors,
  • box cutter
  • stapler,
  • foam core,
  • dyed coffee filters,
  • greening pin,
  • white glue,
  • toothpicks
  • small glittered Styrofoam eggs
  • 2" bunny stickers
  • scrap paper- to cover the sticky part of the sticker.
  • and scrap Styrofoam for this project.

I am making at least 21 of these and they will all be different since I found various bunny sticker and foam bunnies.

project cart 2017 Easter-paper flowers- bunny toppers-giant standing flowers
project cart 2017 Easter-paper flowers- bunny toppers-giant standing flowers
A memory of  2013's candy haul

6 thoughts on “Easter is my favorite DAY”

  1. Loved the information about you and your wonderful family! Great pictures, too! Can see the love for each other and love for Jesus! Warmed my heart; what a blessing to be able to share your family pictures and stories with us! Very talented young lady to create such beautiful ideas, explain them so fluently and then give them away! Blessings sent your way!

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