Obsessed with coffee filter flowers?


I blame AuntPeaches.com- she has a fabulous display that show the basics of dying and drying the filters for making flowers.                        I dry my water dyed filters in the oven at 220°F for two hours  for an oven full-- I check and fluff every 20 minutes.

I had immediate success and so I tried to make many different varieties.

But I like easy and mindless crafts so I took this on to make them even easier.

I saw the method where mums were made but cutting and stapling with very simple assembly so I took it from there.

I combined the techniques and this is what I got.

Coffee Filter Iris

fold a doubled filter three times into sixths then cut the petal shape add a stem and shape into an iris. One or two layers cut and stacked work best for this delicate flower.

Color the center or add a pipe cleaner if desired for the fuzzy middle

Coffee Filter Mum

There are so many varieties of mums so almost any fold works. Start with a four fold and just cut ragged slits or fold a few more times and make thin or thin petals.  Six to ten layers work well for most mums.

Staple at the center and  twist and scrunch each to shape each layer into place.

Coffee Filter Rose

Eight layers needed-- use three different size petals for the most convincing look'

I used a (2) 1/16th – (4) 1/8th and (2)1/6th sized petals here..

but (2) 1/12th - (3)1/8th and (3) 1/4th looks good also.

Stack the filters smallest petals to largest and alternate the petal positions. Staple at the center and  twist and scrunch each to shape each layer into place.

A big twist to start makes the center "bud like"

Scrunch and push the center fourth of the next filter down and lift the edges up.

Increase the diameter of the center that is pushed in and decrease the amount pulled up for each layer


Done-  add a stem or use greening pins to put into place.

The stem can be any strong wire like 18 gage floral wire or a 6" wooden floral pick- depends on the final use.  I add the stem last because it makes for easier assembly and poking the hole is easy and allows for reuse of the flower.


Coffee Filter Peony

- super simple-- fold the filters into fourths- Cut some random zig-zazzy edges then stack eight together with random layering and staple the center.  Use eight to 12 layers for this flower.

Coffee Filter Dahlia

-- lots of variety here too-- any petal shape works-- Keep the petals stacked evenly for this flower.  Use three to 12 layers for dahlias.


I love this too.  I think they would work with coffee filters.