4th of July-craft- An easy- The Easiest Paper Wind Sock Ever- REALLY!

I have made these many times and the hold up very well– up to a year outdoors.  Use them for easy easy seasonal decor.

For the 4th of July use a blue paper and white stars– or anything else that looks right to you.

You need tape- scissors- stapler  – ten to 16 yards total of any type ribbons- a piece of red, white, and /or blue, or holiday themed paper -a sheet protector  -and some wire garland.

Add long red and white– or blue and white streamers to the straight edge of the sheet protector (opposite the holes) and  tape it in place. I even like gold and silver here but it depends on the paper. 

Put the paper in the sheet protector– cut to fit, or tape pieces together as necessary.

Roll the sheet protected paper into  a tube and staple or tape it closed. I used two pieces of tape on the outside and one inside the more at the top and bottom.

Hang the wind sock by threading the wire garland thru the holes of the sheet protector.

I just raided my stash and found paper and ribbons- even curling ribbon is fine to use.  If you can find plastic streamers it is the best.

I had blue paper and white star stickers from Dollar Tree,

Adapt this project for any holiday or occasion– plus since the paper is usually protected it can be removed and used again for another purpose.

Still working on the 4th of July Holiday mantel.

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