REALLY very late Halloween gift bags

I know this is late.  I made these gifts at 1 AM on October 31st.

For the purse,  I used the cover paper from a ream of Cynthia Rowley copy paper!   This zebra pattern just looked like Halloween to me.
About 15" length of paper is needed for this shape purse so you can glue any paper together to make 6" x 16" and fold the bottom closed for these easy bags.

For the handle- cut one-inch strips from 12" scrapbook paper and round all the corners.  Then add nine inches of 1/4" score tape centered along an outside edge.  Adhere together by folding in half in the center leaving about 1- 1/2 inches at each end unfolded.

For the purse itself- glue the cover back together where it was opened and tape together any tears with clear tape.  Cut the cover in half width wise so that the bags are about 8-1/2 x 5- 1/2.

Add the handles with tacky glue on the ends and center them on the purse.  Line up the handles on the opposite side and glue it in place.

Target sells the orange striped bag in a pack of 100.  I closed it with bakers twine.

I filled my gift bags with homemade candied popcorn, assorted chocolates, and various candies-
Just a taste of Halloween.

These little purse bags are great for stash busting.    

You can use almost any paper at all to make them- Check out another method.

Bone folder
Scoring board and stylus
¼ inch sticky tape
Index card 6" X 4"+
Decorative paper 6" x any lengths glued together to make 15"

* score the index card at 1 inch on all four sides unless a smaller box is wanted - then score at 1/2” long side and 1” short side.

-cut a slit on each corner and fold  the card into a box

Use tape or glue to put box together

Run tape  or glue around outside of box, for when you attach the decorative paper to it

Overlap  paper by  at least ¼ inch and tape together to make 1 long piece – 6 x 15  fold  the top over  to make it 4.5x15”

Attach the decorative paper to box - you want the seams in the paper to fall on the center of the two inch sides of the box.

Tape or glue the two ends of the paper together.

Mark handle placement to center the  handles on the bag

Make Handles: 2 pieces 11 x 1 –

Score at ½ inch from 2-9 inches

Round corners on handles and punch holes for brads if used

Fold on score line being careful not to crease at the ends of the handles.

Tape folded part of handle together

Use glue to attach a handle to each side of the bag.

Decorate the purse as desired - add trims to the top bottom and middle- even use mismatched paper for the 15"length.

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