Paper crafts

Paper is primary.

If is is kraft paper, I love it.

If is is cardboard, I use it.

If is is cardstock I create.

If is is odd like tissue or coffee filters I make flowers.

Paper floral Art

Still obsessed with coffee filter flowers?

Easy Gifts

I am a gifter. This is all about me and the momentary joy of giving- it really has very little to do with the recipient– This is just my thing.

Join me on the journey to crafting  joy.

I am interested in all things floral. I like planting, growing, cutting, arranging and decorating with flowers. I am currently obsessed with coffee filter flowers and I blame AuntPeaches. Her post got me hooked.

Now I like making all types and sizes of paper flowers. Right now making paper flowers in my favorite pass time, The question is what to do with them all?