How to make the Fizz centerpieces

How to make the Fizz centerpieces

By Marilynn Young

These were designed and made for a Champagne, Chocolate and Jazz fund raising event for the

Long Bay Symphony Guild.

I believe this design can be adapted to fit many themes if you have the right liquid color, feather color and themed cutouts.

I found the tall pilsner glasses at Ross but I went to four stores to get four glasses, They sell these 24” versions at AC Moore and Michaels for around $20. Old time Pottery has 36” vases for $24.

I wanted them filled with “champagne” and finally figured out I needed clear glass pebbles to make bubbles

I hydrated clear water beads. Use the largest beads you can find. “NOTE the smaller water beads I got at Dollar General were too small and would not support the glass pebbles” unless/until there is NO liquid water.

I started with drained but hydrated water beads— then added a few glass pebbles and kept randomly adding a few glass pebbles to make floating bubbles.


Once the pilsner was mostly filled I added champagne colored water--  (made from yellow food color darkened with vanilla)


This makes the beads disappear and on the clear glass beads remain visible as bubbles. Some real air bubbles are also trapped in the beads

I saw these cutouts from Oriental Trading and based the whole design on this real fountain I saw in New Orleans. 

For the “Fizz” fountain topper I cut 14” rounds from dark foam core. (from Dollar Tree) A box cutter and a large bowl as a template worked well for this. I covered the raw edges with strips of rhinestone stickers I found at the Dollar Tree.

I used pieces of a small Styrofoam wreath to make the stands for the Jazz Men. These were attached to the rounds at even spacing with a all purpose adhesive. I covered those with accordion folded paper strips.

I also added a half scallop covered with a small candy cup (cupcake wrapper) folded in half to bring in the “chocolate” theme.

I painted bamboo skewers black and used all purpose adhesive to glue them to the Jazz men leaving 1-1/2 inches exposed to stick into the foam,

For the feather fountain. I used about 25 - 8” ostrich feathers and arranged them on Styrofoam cones.

I purchased the ostrich feathers on Ebay.

At the venue

The feather fountains were glued to the center of the rounds and the bottoms of the cones were covered in a 3” strip of accordion folded silver paper I recycled from a used gift bag.

Then we added Jazz men sticks to foam core rounds 

The round was glued in place atop the filled pilsner and the centerpieces were complete. I use Alene's tack it over and over for all setup gluing.

For each centerpiece you will need

One large pilsner glass $10-25

One gallon of ” hydrated water beads ½” size preferred $4

25 8-10” ostrich feathers $5

Three small Styrofoam pieces about 1-1/2 dia and 2-3” long $1

one 6” -10” Styrofoam cones $3

Jazz men cutouts $6

some 1-2” strips of shiny paper- like a stiff wrapping paper or card stock. $1

Re-stickable adhesive like Alene's tack it over and over $6

permanent adhesive $1

foam core sheet $1

water <$

food coloring <$1

rhinestone stickers in strips <$1

glass pebbles $1

The tables were accented with Chocolate Candles on inverted Long-Stem Glass Tealight Candleholders, gold painted Saxophone and Harmonica Kazoos and Mardi Gras beads all from the Dollar Tree and giant confetti dots from Target.

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