Le Eiffel Tower from vintage glassware!

Journée à Paris Eiffel tower centerpiece for the Long Bay Symphony Guild
Journée à Paris Eiffel tower centerpiece for the Long Bay Symphony Guild

This is how it started.  I had these two vases and wanted a large Eiffel tower centerpiece for our October event.

I stacked the 9" "original" Eiffel tower vase on the bottom of  plastic vase and knew I had  a start.

Over the next few weeks I found the these plastic plates at the Dollar Tree and started stacking.







I tried plastic bowls and many many glasses for the legs of the tower but it wasn't right.  I looked everywhere for items with a diamond pattern that were clear and acquired a bunch of glassware.

one of many stacking experiments

stacking project attempt 1,122,333










These are every where- I found 18 over a few weeks by scouring the various Goodwill stores The first dozen were $1 then they were $2 I guess I bumped up the market
Vintage Libby boopie candle holder.

In the end this was the answer.

I did this and  grouped four under the plates holding the vase.  At this point I still had a LARGE bowl for the bottom layer.   Then I saw a Danielle Walcott You Tube video using butter dishes and I had IT!

Dollar tree butter dish

The butter dish top became the second layer as they had the best angle with the opening angle outward.  My glassware became the bottom layer and I was content.

I was using a small glass paperweight type candle holder for the top. Then one day the cat knocked it down and it put a hole in the plastic bowl still on the table- It felt very dangerous SO I started looking for a new top to the tower.

Guess what this is?    Give up?   It is a plastic wine glass from the Dollar Tree


I used a soldering Iron to cut off the top of the glass above the diamond pattern and cut off the bottom foot of the glass.  Then I attached the foot to the cut portion of the top and I had made the top of the tower.  I could not find another set of the wine glasses and I need four for this project, but the champagne flutes with the same pattern worked fine.

From the top down- I used

one plastic wine glass  $1
one vintage 9" eiffel tower vase stars and bars pattern  $4
one 9" or 11" plastic vase  $2
one Clear Crystal-Cut Decorative Cake Plates with Scalloped Edges, 11 in. from Dollar Tree $1
four Cooking Concepts Textured Plastic Butter Dishes with no bases $4
one Large Round Crystal-Cut Plastic Trays, 14" from Dollar Tree $1
four matching drinking glasses with diamond patterns (three different designs were used) $4
four vintage boopie candle holders $8 at $2 each

The stacking worked.  I had to maneuver and level the first plate on the edges of the tilted glassware but after that it was easy.  At the venue  I used Alene's tack it Over and Over to kept everything in place and the centerpieces were a hit.  Everyone was guessing what was what and asking how to assemble it and keep it from toppling.

ALL four centerpieces survived the event and our group was thrilled with the response.

The red paper floral centerpieces filled the rest of the room.  Next post...


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