21 Uses for Decorative Wire Garland

I also use wire Garland in any form that you can also use wire.  It has the added benefit of being wrapped with mylar that seems exceptionally heat-resistant.  It is not just plastic.

I  was looking for the wire recently and it was not to be found anywhere-  Not at Dollar Tree or the craft stores. It seems like people forgot how to use the craft wire!!  I was out of town because I keep a stash at my house.

Thinking about ways that I use wire garland?? I used it!! I guess the most innovative thing was...

 1. I used to tie up a  lamb mold cake pan at Easter and I found out it goes through the heat very well it's definitely reusable.  I don't know exactly what temperature it will go to?  But it'll definitely go past 400 degrees without burning up. I've used it in ovens at that temperature.

It's just extremely versatile = very handy to have on hand because  2. You can hold things together   = fix things that are broken just as you would with any other wire.  My sister reports weaving in an out of a chain link fence for a temporary barrier that is still visible.

wire garland used in place of jump ring for a simple repair

3. Use it to hang things from ceilings or from but also for many many other uses where you might use ribbon or string and the wire is just much much stronger.

Here wire garland is used as a hanger for wind socks.

4. Replaces pipe cleaners it's great for tying together papers and pom-pom flowers if you're making anything where you might use a pipe cleaner. You just cut off a length of the wire garland and use it in place of pipe cleaner.  The wrapping on the garland keeps it from cutting through the paper.

5.  Make hooks for ornaments out of it. Put it in ornaments--  Use it to attach the ball ornaments to green garlands.


6.  Put around Christmas trees if it has the right flags on it. This is a tomato cage tree. Added grapevine. Just added some wire heart garland and tied the top with a twine bow.

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