Paper bags for Easter!

Egger bag I printed on plain brown paper bags.

After the response the my simple brown paper packages for Christmas I was stuck on only paper bags for men's gifts.

I had to format the page for the bag size and print them one a time.

I accomplished this by selecting 40 copies but only loading one bag at a time.

When the printer responded it was out of paper I would load the next bag and press resume.

This was way faster than clearing paper jams on starting the print job over and over for one page.

For the women's gifts I made simple bag from one sheet of paper.

I printed my template on the paper back so I could make the folds quickly.  I glued and folded and finished then in about a minute each.

When gifting  I may have filled them too much SO I placed them in a clean party goody bag and tied them with egg ends ribbons I added at the last minute with Styrofoam eggs and and hot glue.

Bags stuffed with candy and a bag of chips!

The candy filler

The inspiration! Real eggs from Easter Egger hens. I never knew.