Paper crafts – A tiki, a ring leader and a bee – Face in the Hole Props

My favorite things to do are party and holiday decor.  Give me a theme and I am off looking for inspirations and deciding what I can make cheaply.  Paper is always the option because it is easy to get and I can dispose of it easily without too much regret.

These images are some of  my favorite  props and the most pinned of my own creations.

someone holds a small child in place
someone holds a small child in place
Circus Theme

For the simple circus theme standee-- My first ever.

I found a image from a coloring book and scanned it. I printed it out in draft mode and poster format.  This means I glued and taped several pieces of standard size paper together.  I glued the finished poster onto my background then painted in all the costumes and some of the props.  A few balloons make it come to life.


Bee standee- wings on back standee with antennae propped in a chair and body on front held in place by the subject.

Flower face standee. 

This started as a toss game but the kids made it a face in hole prop.

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For the face in hole prop.  You need a base material.  I like card board but foam core and corrugated plastic are also good choices.  I nearly always recycle something for this- so a little advance knowledge is always necessary.

After the back is procured the size of the finished item can be picked.  Will it be for two or more faces or just one?

For one face a table top size prop will work.  For two it needs to be a stand up prop-  Either it stands on its own or it held up by wearer.

To make them stand up I normally use a floor lamp.  These have a heavy base and a five or six foot pole.  The shade is removed and the cord cut away-- or wrapped and taped up if I still need the lamp.

A few small holes and some 18 gage floral  or coated electrical wire can be used to attach the base to the stand  then cutting and decoration can begin.  I always finish all the decorations first then cut the face hole'.

For the totem pole I used face masks and a jointed pole decor item from the Dollar Tree.  I started with a door banner plastic piece for the back ground but this could also be painted easily with craft paint.

Then I attached the mask and a kraft paper totem pole covered by the printed totem pole- so that is stood out from the background.  A few paper and plastic leaves (made from report covers I found at Office Depot) cover the bare bits of the photo area.  I left the extra cardboard in place to conceal bodies but it could have been cut off.

The face placement was decided and then I cut out the holes using a box cutter.  A too small hole is best to start with - about seven inches diameter works well.  Plus kids can have tiny heads and you only want the face to show. If the hole is too big- make a collar or a fringe to cover it up.

For this very tall prop we used a step ladder for the high face to reach and every one else bends over to get their face into place.  Remind them to not lean into or brace on the display.  The manipulation to get into place is the big fun of a face in the hole prop.



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