Red paper flower centerpieces

Of course, the flowers can be any color,  I chose red for our Paris theme.

We used a good quality tissue paper. and made most of  the flowers as 4" roses.  A few 6" tissue flowers and 8" coffee filter flowers "cff" completed the bouquets.

    For the rose. Fold the paper into four inch square or six inch square for a large bloom.  The photos are for the rose. I used four layers for the smaller rose and six for the larger.

Fold the square into fourths or eights and cut out the petal shape

 layer the petals- the top two match and alternate the rest.

 Staple the center of the stack together.  For the stem, poke a hole thru the stack with a 6" wire of 16-20 gauge and add a dab of glue to the top end of the stem.  Secure the stem by capturing the glue end between the fold of a center petal.

 Roll the first petal into a tube and gently wrap the next petal around it at the base.
The petals should start to cup. Do this with the remaining petals on that layer.    Continue this with the next layer starting at the alternate petal. repeat alternating in a Top- bottom- left -right pattern.

I used 30- 4" tissue paper flowers, six 8" CFF and six more assorted size coffee filter flowers for each centerpiece.  I glued a 6" nail into the dry floral foam of 6"x 3"x2"  and arranged the paper flowers on that base.  The nail acts as both a handle and a mounting rod to hold the arrangement in the vases.  My assortment of flowers varies greatly.  I used the same techniques as CFF to add paper flowers the red-pink-fuschia-melon-peach-orange-crimson-centerpieces.

I cut a hole in the center of some spare red or pink dyed coffee filters and put the nail through it to disguise the foam underbelly of the centerpieces before I placed them into vases.  YES you can see the nail-  It can be covered with floral tape but the metal finish went un-noticed in clear vases.


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