What to do with all the coffee filter flowers

I admit to being a bit of a hoarder.  Luckily most of it is in the attic.  Once I got started dying coffee filter-- I could not wait to dye more.  I was my own personal color mixing experiment journey.  I found myself going the to store late a night to buy more filters SO I could dye them NOW and they would be dry the next day for crafting.

I decorated the edges of Easter baskets first.  Then an Easter backdrop.  I made them into giant cupcake toppers for decorations.  I added stems to make to them taller, I arranged them in with silk flowers.  Then I started making arrangements with just CFF.

If you have seen my coffee filter rose bud  post you know you make many sizes of flowers with CF's .  But also remember you can cut down any of the flowers to smaller size  while in the folding stage  just fold first then cut the desired petal shape and size.

You can use the rosebud fold see it here, with individual filters to get the four layers for any small flower-- If it is too thick or hard to cut then stop before the last fold and cut out the full petal shape instead of just a half


When I design with the CFF flowers I love to use battery operated candles.  You get a beautiful glow and no fire danger.

I like silk leaves with them-- because they are easy to get and reuse.  If you add too many CFF leaves to an arrangement they may lose their whimsy.

I do use floral foam and add stems most of the time.  But I like designing with foam balls and just covering it with flowers attached withe greening pin.  This mast for easy removal and storage of the flowers later.

CFF arrangement are never meant to permanent as they will collect dust very quickly..  I store mine  loosely stacked by color in paper boxes.

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